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In my family, most women are tall and curvy. Finding nice fitting clothes in large sizes has always been difficult for them.

In fashion, women as small as EU size 40 are considered plus size, curvy or curvy and plus size, extended size or large size.

Why is the range for plus size clothing so much smaller than for „conventional sizes“?
Is it assumed that Plus Size, Curvy and Curve women have no interest in fashionable clothing?

This ultimately inspired me to create Charly. The Curvy Label for my family and other women.

Charly. The Curvy Label is a young clothing brand that welcomes all women.

Our clothing combines aesthetics, comfort and quality and aims to support and empower women in their everyday challenges. We want you to be excited about what you find in your closet.

We are a boutique and offer clothes from non-own production.

At the same time, we are constantly working to design our own sustainable & fair collection and have it produced in Portugal.

Prejudices against plus size women are very present, the media suggest that women with large sizes do not belong in fashion magazines and on the catwalk.
We say all women deserve representation in the fashion world! Similarly, representation of People of Colour and BIPoC in fashion and on catwalks is still too low.
Ebenso ist die Repräsentation von People of Colour und BIPoC in der Mode und auf Laufstegen immer noch zu gering.
We want to see people of all shapes and colours on the catwalk.

This project is still at the very beginning. We are looking forward to ne

w challenges and are curious about your opinion.

If you want to support Charly. The Curvy Label we would be happy to receive your messages by email or via our social media channels.

The founder

Maya Charlotte